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As already noted, this is an evidence based web site. If what you’ve already discovered isn’t enough information, this page is the place for your research. Just surf through the information and see if there is something that will answer your questions. If that doesn’t work, please write to us with your questions or concerns.

Click here to visit, search any mattress brand and model and read the horribly negative reviews.  Negative reviews are as ubiquitous as blades of grass.  You’ll quickly learn that the industry is horrible.

Check out this YouTube video of a customer that purchased a new mattress and what happened after about 90 days.

Here is what a customer of Simmons had to say about his mattress:

There is no better way to make our point that mattresses aren’t made as well as they used to be than to show you how they were made 30 plus years ago. You know, that old mattress that your grandmother is still sleeping on that is as old as you. We’ve gathered three example here for you to see.

Old Mattress 1
As you can see from this picture, this old mattress has no body impressions.

Old Mattress 2
As usual, all old mattresses have no or very little polyurethane foam. This one had none and instead was padded with cotton felt. Also notice the button. You won’t find buttons on today’s mattresses.

Old Mattress 3
Lastly, look at the price on this full size mattress. $69.50 is a pretty good indicator that this is an old mattress.

The following example has some polyurethane but it is less than one inch thick. This is hardly enough to present any problems.

old mattress 4
This example had about one inch of cotton felt and about three quarters of an inch of polyurethane.

old mattress 5
As you can see from the price tag on this set, $329 for a queen size set is a very low price indicative of its old age.

Lastly, our third example is our best.
old mattress 9
As you can see this had no polyurethane foam and was completely padded with cotton felt.

As you can see from this law label this mattress is very old and the customer testified that they had it more than thirty years.

All this evidence illustrates that natural fibers are far more durable than the polyurethane foam that is predominately used in today’s mattresses. Since mattress manufacturers are doing everything they can to make their mattresses cheaper, they’ve moved away from cotton felt toward poly foam. Polyurethane foam is the main reason mattresses don’t last.

It is rare to find an all polyurethane mattress (without memory foam) but we happened to stumble upon one. Here is an example of an all polyurethane mattress that a customer of ours purchased from another retailer. It has been cut open to show that it is in fact an all foam mattress.

old mattress 8

Though the owners of the above mattress only paid $250 for the set, they used this mattress less than one year because it developed deep soft spots where they slept on it. As expected, the manufacturer’s warrant didn’t cover softening of foam. Less than one year usage was a very poor return on their money. Here is the testimonial the customer wrote:



The mattress pictured here is less than two years old and has body impressions of over three inches deep. The woman that slept on this only weighed about 150 pounds and she paid about $2000. The manufacturer turned down her warranty coverage because it was stained. More importantly, in addition to the visual body impression, there is also a physical body impression. This means that the body impression seems deeper than what you see because the foam in this mattress has also softened so she was actually sleeping in a tremendous bowl that is actually much greater than three inches deep. This customer came to us and purchased our Perfection Sleep System®. Here is what she said about her new mattress as well as what she was experiencing dealing with the manufacturer of this faulty mattress: “This mattress is awesome! Thanks for all of your time and attention throughout the Spring Air calamity. I really appreciate your prompt delivery because it’s the most comfortable mattress ever! I fall asleep in 5 minutes! It usually takes hours. I need my rest too because dealing with Spring Air takes a lot of energy.” Thanks, Lori

People who have purchased these mattresses that have body impressed and softened, this is what they are experiencing; hammock! These mattresses are terrible for proper back support and almost everyone complains about body impressions because they hurt, pure and simple. Avoid plastic foam.

hammock mattress

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