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Talalay Latex vs. Dunlop Latex.  Natural Latex vs. Synthetic Latex.  Knowing about each of these is important when deciding on a latex mattress and cutting through all the nonsense that is told in the industry.

Below is a detailed breakdown of the exact ingredients used in the manufacturing of our Natural Dunlop latex…

1. Natural Latex Rubber 90-95%
2. Zinc Oxide 2-3%
3. Fatty Acid Soaps 1-2%
4. Sulfur 1-2%
5. Sodium 1-2%

Items 2 through 5 are essential to the vulcanization, foaming and curing process that all latex must go through.  The finished core is then washed a minimum of three times to remove any residuals that may be left over after curing.  The finished product is then 98+ percent pure natural latex rubber.

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