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Q: I have latex allergies and react to latex.  Is there any assurance that I will not have a reaction to your mattresses?
A: Yes!  There has never been a reported case of anyone having a latex allergic reaction to a latex mattress.  In the vulcanization process of making latex foam there is a tremendous amount of heat in the baking process.  This heat destroys the proteins that cause the allergic reaction.  So feel free to enjoy a latex mattress free from worry of a latex allergic reaction.  It will never happen.
Q: Is there any assembly required on these mattresses?
A: Yes and there are five reasons why. One reason is because these mattresses are extremely heavy and by having them in pieces, reduces the cost of shipping and makes it easier to handle. Second reason, by having them in pieces allows for replacement of pieces if needed like the top layer thus eliminating the need for a whole new mattress for a very long time. The third reason is that eliminates the need for glue which is a source of chemicals and strong chemical odors. The fourth reason is that it keeps the price low.  And lastly, by selling pieces, i.e., materials, it prevents us from having to make them with needless fire retardants.  The CPSC requires “mattresses” to meet the fire retardant standards but it does not regulate materials.  We sell materials, not mattresses.
Q: Is assembly difficult?
A: No because there are only four pieces to this mattress, three layers of latex and a cover.  Upon purchase we email a link to a video of how to assemble the pieces.  It does take two people, one on each side of the bed.
Q: At a local retail store the salesman said they had mattresses that use natural fibers that are inherently fire retardant thus eliminating the need for chemicals. Why do I need to buy materials to avoid chemicals if there are natural fire retardant materials?
A: The typical material referred to as naturally fire retardant is wool.  The problem with this is that wool burns quite well.  It has a fire-retardant property in that wool will self extinguish if a flame is removed from it.  Remember, the supposed goal of the CPSC regulations are to make mattresses no longer a source of fuel in the case of a house fire.  So if a house is on fire, that fire will burn away the wool.  In every single case where a company claims to use wool, also use additives, either of boric acid or silica.  Boric acid is roach killer and silica is a known respiratory irritant.  
Q: Do you have a return policy?
A: This requires a great deal of explaining.  Returning mattresses for a full refund is a new phenomenon in the mattress industry.  Mattresses are personal items and as a result reselling them is illegal.  Local showroom retailers who take mattresses back, resell them as “floor models” and never tell the customer the mattress was slept on in people’s homes for a period of time.  YES, THEY LIE.  The other type of retailer is the online only retailer who offer something like 100 days free trial period where if you decide you don’t like the mattress you can donate them to a non-profit and the company then refunds your money.  This sounds like a fantastic deal.  It most certainly is not a fantastic deal.  These companies are selling colossal plastic junk mattresses that soften substantially and quickly with use.  The life of these mattresses is only a couple of years before they get so soft they are no longer supportive.  So such companies are playing a statistical game wherein they win, the consumer loses.  Their plastic foam mattresses are so inexpensive to make and their margins per mattress is so high that if they have to donate as high as 25% of their mattresses, they still make money.  But you as the consumer loses because you’ll have to buy a new mattress in just two to three years.  Suppose any other type of business worked this way?  Suppose a home builder built homes wherein the profits were so high they could throw away 25% of the homes they make?  The homes would have to be made of plastic and cardboard.  SERIOUSLY!  So, to answer the question, do we have a return policy?  No, latex is too expensive to take such loses on.  Our profit margin is no where near as high as the plastic mattress companies.  But we do offer the ability to get a new top layer of latex in the first 60 days for half price.  So you have the ability to firm up or soften your mattress for a small additional fee.  And you don’t have to return anything, you keep the original top layer.  We can’t use it and you don’t have to be bothered with trying to return it.  We hope this all makes sense.    
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