Fire Retardancy Issue


In the year of our Lord 1776, Amercians declared their independence from England primarily because they were being regulated by the English parliment without having any representatives to vote on their behalf. “Taxation Without Representation” became one of their arguments for separation and it was a very valid and just argument.

Today, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) seems to think it is necessary to protect consumers from mattress fires and they have the power to pass laws without our representatives voting for or against those laws. Like the English parliment in 1760s and 1770s, it is another example of regulation without representation. In July 2007 the CPSC passed new regulations (16 CFR 1633) requiring all mattresses sold in the United States to meet open-flame fire proofing. In order to meet these new strict standards, mattress manufacturers will be putting fire-retardant chemicals inside their mattresses. These chemicals include formaldehyde (a proven carcinogen), boric acid (roach killer), antimony trioxide (mimics arsenic), decabromodiphenyl oxide (destroys your thyroid), Melamine (the chemical recently found in import pet food that sickened and killed pets across the country), Ammonium Polyphosphate, and vinylidene chloride. (click here to read the entire report)

In the CPSC risk assessment report, they admit that these chemicals are toxic and they prove you will absorb them into your body. The CPSC concludes that you will not absorb enough of these chemicals to affect your health but the Center for Disease Control and the Environmental Protection Agency disputes the conclusions of the CPSC.

Here are some news reports on the chemicals being used in mattresses and other consumer products and they illustrate what is really going on in the industry. ¬†It doesn’t take long to realize that special interests have influenced lawmaking and now we are being sickened by government regulations. ¬†Government is not the solution to problems, they are the problem.


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